Saturday, 7 March 2015

Princess by Kelly D.Smith

3 out of 5 stars

Oh this is awkward. I hope he doesn't notice me. I bowed my head, brushing my hair into my face.

                                                         So, Princess is a millionaire romance that fallows Becky and John.
Becky meets John when her gold-digging roommate tried to go out with him, apparently the roommate doesn't like him because she never calls him back and then Becky runs into John at a coffee shop. He asked her to come to an event with him and she agrees.
And that's how it all begins.

The is a romance book and to be perfectly honest, it's the kind of romance you read if you want something light and fluffy.
The characters are good, though Becky seems to have a hard time controlling the water works. That being said I did like Becky as a character. She cried a lot but she did work hard, even though she probably could have gotten away with having John buy her everything and she was a… I don't want to say "strong" character but she was… Ah! I know. She was independent.
As a hero John was fun. I wouldn't say I loved him but he was a good hero and more than anything I felt like he was encouraging of Becky as opposed to some hero's I've read that are possessive, alpha male, etc. Just not my thing
The side characters were fun and it was a light read that I could finish in a day. Although I didn't love this book I didn't put it down until I was done.
There were a few dumb moments like *Spoiler* Becky thinking that John is with another woman, but it gets sorted out quickly so I was willing to look over it.

This was a typical romance novel. There was drama, there was spicy sex and there was love. If that's your kind f thing than I suggest this as something short and fun. 

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