Friday, 26 June 2015

Fallen Angel by Ella Scarsdale

3.5 out of 5 stars

Didn't really hold my attention.

The story was good and the characters were fun. I really liked the idea behind this story actually but I'm not sure, I just couldn't get myself into the book.  Maybe it was the point of view or fuck if I know honestly, but it was a good book, I just didn't feel like I could give it a full four star review.

This was a short historical romance with a fun heroine and a super romantic hero. I absolutely loved the plot behind this.
While I couldn't give this a full four star review I will say that I couldn't put it down. The suspense was great and the teasing did what it was supposed to do- tease the reader! However I would have liked to see a little more form the characters. They felt a little two-dimensional to me.
There really weren't many side characters, and I just couldn't fully understand the way that the main characters reacted to some situations in the story. 
When it came to the villain I just wasn't feeling him. I got why he was the villain but I would have liked to see more from him. I wanted to hate him, and sadly I just didn't. 
However, this wasn't a bad story, I want to stress that! I'd love to see more from these two. 

Author Interview: W Altshuler

Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
The book Nadia’s Heart, is from a series of books called the Evergreen series, and it’s really a stand alone story in itself.  It’s the fourth book, but the events happen further in the past.  It’s about a girl who perceives that her heart is missing.  The story is an allegory about what the heart symbolises beyond the limits of romantic love, how evil can overtake it, and what happens when our heart becomes joined to something greater. 

What inspired it? 
I was inspired by a few things.  It’s unfortunate that in our world, children are not exempt from suffering.  I saw this image of a young girl under the weight of immense suffering.  It sadded me, because we think of children’s hearts as in such a pure state, uncorrupted by and protected from the world.  It also fascinated me:  there was a glimpse of Nadia in that, and that was all that was needed. I had to ask who was I seeing, and the answer just tumbled out:  that it was a girl named Nadia who thought she had been born without a heart.  In many ways, it’s as if these characters already exist and just need an invitation to step out.  
For Georgeonus, I was exploring the idea of characters from different realms and how they interact. Nadia and Georgeonus are young, but they are destined to meet, so in many ways they are star crossed because they are from different worlds.  He has characteristics that we would typically associate with angelic: glowing eyes and communicating telepathically.  Georgeonus has a lineage - he is the prince of The Land of Silence and has a responsibility to his people.  Nadia takes on the role of servant girl, but as we get deeper into the story we realize she has been sent to the Land of Silence and has higher origins of her own. 
Writing, like inventions and music, comes from different places. Inspirations can trigger something dormant in you, or that you are tapping into from the collective.  In a way it is the same source, and you are always churning it through the machine that is you: through your experiences. 

Is there something you are currently working on? 
I’m working on the second part of Nadia’s Heart, and another book that comes after that, which goes deeper into the history of Nadia’s origins.  
At the beginning of Nadia’s Heart, there is a quote from a poem called ‘The Demon’.  It speaks to Nadia’s longing for, and eventual alienation from, her sense of home.  Once she gains her memory back, she only has more questions about where she comes from, and the answers speak to the fleeting nature of the things we are tied to on earth.   Even the place we call home on earth is temporary.   
When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? 
From a very young age I had an inner knowing that I was a writer.  I wrote and assembled books when I was little.  In my late twenties, I dedicated myself more to writing and started to produce a body of work.  That led to a commitment to learn the craft of writing and its structural elements, to finish works, to get feedback, and to employ the services of editors.  So those committments were an essential part of the process, but the knowing of being a writer was always there. 

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
I love stop motion animation - particularly the sets and puppet making, so I have been learning the process and the many, many hats involved.  I love animals, and have two rescue cats that are a happy—and at times entertaining—distraction.  I do a lot of walking, too.  It seems to go hand in hand with writing; it clears the head and gives you some distance on things.  What is that expression?  Solvitur ambulando.  It is solved by walking. Walking can help you to problem solve.  

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? 

On Twitter, @SirTwoSays, and on Instagram: waltshuler.  

Monday, 22 June 2015

Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie by Justin MacCormack

4 out of 5 stars

I was given this book to review by the author.
Personally, I love novellas, short stories and novels. Each one has its benefit and this was the perfect novella. It took me about a weekend to read, while still doing other things, and that was just what I was hoping for from this book.

Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie tells the story of, well, a gay zombie who is a teenager and his life. In all honesty it was quite close to a mundane life- but I liked that about the diary. It was nice to read a day to day diary of a zombie. I've always loved zombies and the history behind them so I thought the idea of this story was great! I also thought it was very well executed and a fun read. It was a light read, so some of you may not like that! Personally, I love a night light read about day to day life.
As far as the characters went, they were likeable for the most part. I would have liked to get to know them a little better but with diary format sometimes that is hard.
In all honesty, I was disappointed with some of Jay's choices. Though on some level I could understand them I just couldn't back them.
This story had an element that really drew me in. To me, this story had so much to do with accepting who you are. Maybe that wasn't what the author intended but it was what I took from it. Finding a way to make the bad good and finding a way to accept yourself and let people in.
Jay did some annoying things, I'm not going to lie about that, but I also think he did some teenage things. He acted like a teenager and that lead to some dumb choices- so you have to keep in mind that the character is a teenager, or at least I had to.
When it comes down to it this story was more than worth it.

On a final note, I would have liked to see more about the zombie virus- but that's okay because I fully expect to see more in this series! 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Interview With Sarah Cradit

Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
I’m always working on the latest book in Paranormal Southern Gothic series/saga, The House of Crimson & Clover. Currently, I’m working on the first and only erotic title in the series, which was inspired by a secret “club” that features into the broader series in a small way. 

What inspired it? 
I wanted to take something that already had some erotic undertones and explore the world in a broader way. I couldn’t do it within the main series, so this has allowed me to stretch my legs in this genre. 

Is there something you are currently working on? 
Other than The Menagerie, I’m also working on Volume 6 in the series, Myths of Midwinter, which will be released in the fall. 

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?  
Vampires. I did dip my toes in with a short story around my version of this race, but I’ve developed an entire history and mythos around it and so it’s just a matter of sitting down to work on some stories. 

When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? 
I think I’ve always called myself one; since I was seven, when I wrote my first short story. I started my first book at the age of eleven. The definition of an author is one who writes, and I’ve always written. 

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
It probably goes without saying that I love to read. But my biggest passion, outside of writing, is travel. I’ve visited over twenty countries and I make a point to visit one new one each year. If I wasn’t a fiction author, I’d love to be a travel blogger. 

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? 
Here’s the Big  4: 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Yesterwary by Styna Lane

5 out of 5 stars
This was an easy 5 star review. I honestly could not put this book down. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

This story is about a writer who wastes all her love and ends out transported to another world-type-thing. A very interesting idea in my opinion.
The story started off a little slow, but I quickly got into it. It wasn't what I was expecting when I went into it but it was such a great surprise! It kinda reminded me a bit of Corpse Bride in the way that someone got transported to another world type thing that could be seen as gloomy and ended out finding their happiness.
The thing I really loved this book is that I felt it showed the importance of books.
The characters were great and I ate this book up. I'm pretty sure I read it in less than 12 hours. As far as main characters go, I was happy with Demi. She was the kind of character I wanted to root for.

There were a couple dry moments, some filler and a few moments where the main characters made me cringe because of their choices- but I feel like that happens in every book.

I also want to let the lovely author know that I want to read more about Yesterwary! 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Interview: Cary Grossman‏

Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
    My latest novel is called Honey. It's what people would refer to as a "steamy" love story about a 19-year-old young starlet named Honey Clarke, who gets involved with Benjamin Scream, a middle-aged rock star infamous for very explicit lyrics. Because of his reputation, Honey expects a very wild physical relationship with Scream, and is eager to experience that. And she hopes that by fulfilling anything Scream could possibly desire, she can hold on to him. 
   But Scream has had a good deal of heartbreak, and he's terrified by how important Honey becomes to him in such a short time. And so he sabotages the relationship even though he knows he loves her. 

What inspired it? 
    Just an overactive imagination for romance, I guess. 

Is there something you are currently working on? 
    Yes, a story of a novelist who begins to suspect that the young woman he's with may in fact be his high school sweetheart, a girl who was murdered many years before.  

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?  
    While my reading tastes vary, I like to write romance. Its a subject that never gets old, and judging from how many are written each year, I'm not alone in this opinion. 

When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? 
     When I published my first novel, Chopin's Ghost

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
    I like to play guitar and look at the planets through my telescope, but writing takes up most of my time nowadays. 

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? 

    Not yet, but I'm sure that will change soon. In the meantime, anyone who wants to connect with me can reach me at 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dead Beginnings by Taniquelle Tulipano

3 out of 5 Stars

I was asked to review this by the author, although it wasn't something I'd normally take on it did sound very interesting so I agreed to do it.

This was an odd read for me, hence why it is a 3 star. It wasn't bad. But I didn't lap it up. I did read it quickly and there were points where I couldn't put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen, but over all I just wasn't as invested as I wanted to be.

As for as characters went the main characters were okay. I loved the way they met- actually I really liked it.But I just wasn't buying their reactions to things.
I liked being able to see from both point of views but I did also feel that because I was constantly seeing the same scenes it going a little boring for me.
When it came to side character I really enjoyed them! Though I would have liked to get to know them a little better, they would actually probably be the reason I picked up another book in this series. This book was a cliff hanger, normally I don't like cliff hangers but the fact of the matter is that I just didn't care enough.

All that being said it was a nice light read, not something I would get super into or emotional over

Warning: This is a captive romance. I personally am not a huge fan of them so anyone who feels the same as I do might want to avoid this.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Narcissist by Suzi Slade

4.5 out of 5 Stars

This book was all about two young men trying to make it in the world of music. So yes. Sex, drugs & rock and roll.

This was a good book, it was a pretty fast read for me and over all I really liked it. I wasn't drawn to the main character, he kind of seemed like an asshole to me, but I did like the love interest a lot. Their relationship really confused me though. It was like the were best friend and then then a second later they wanted to kill each other, then they were fucking. Although it was confusing I know people whose relationships are kind of like that!
When it came to side characters I didn't see much of them really. Although there were a good amount of them and what I saw I liked, I just wish I'd seen more from them and really gotten to know them.

This probably would have been a five star review if it was written from Floyd's point of view honestly. He just seemed so much more likeable to me.

So pretty much there were 2-3 things I didn't like about this book.
  1. Was the way it was told. It just wasn't the story telling I like and felt a little bit too tell-y then show-y.
  1. Was the ending. It just felt like there was no lead up to it and it felt a little rushed, and finally:
  2. This kinda falls into 2 because it has to do with the ending. I just couldn't get past the fact that one of the main characters sleeps with a guy, falls in love with him and ends out dating his mum? It just didn't wok for me.

That being said, if you're looking for a gay-rockstar-badboy romance things might be right up your alley.

Also, for anyone who is into older music and gay romance, you might enjoy it too! 

Binding the Shadows by Jenn Bennett

5 out of 5 stars

So, anyone who reads the blog knows that I have loved Kindling the Moon and Summoning the Night which are the first two books in this series.
I was so excited to start this book, so let's jump right into the review!

The first thing I want to say is that I ADORE their relationship. The honestly, the sexual attraction, the love that they have for each other and the way that they make it their own little thing- their own little family.
That is the biggest thing I love about this book.

This book seemed a little slow at points, I'm not really sure why maybe things were just too drawn out or there was too much filler? But none the less I couldn't put the book down. As always Jen Bennette hooked me.

The story was fun and I'm so attached to all the characters that I can't wait to read more.
To me this book is a little more on the fantasy side then a lot of other romance that I've read and I love that about it! I like that

The only thing I didn't like about this? There was a cliff hanger…. I hate cliff hangers! At least I hate cliff hangers if the next book isn't out yet.  But, I can't even bring myself to knock half a star off for that. I'll be reading the next as soon as it comes in the mail!

Really, go read this entire series right now! 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Interview with Suzi Slade

Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
Narcissist is the epitome of sex, drugs and rock and roll.  It takes you head first, kicking and screaming, into the seedy underbelly of the British music industry in the nineties.  As a reader, you are treated to a first-hand view of inside the very twisted and controlling mind of a self-professed egotist and obsession with control that such a person exhibits.  The story itself is not for the feint hearted. 

What inspired it? 
I have always been an avid music fan and I particularly enjoy music by musicians who have something dark or sordid about them.  In my books, the more tumultuous the relationship between the band members, the better the tunes they produce.  I wanted, well needed to write something that would capture that, something that would draw the reader in and tear them to shreds as such bands are apt at doing to themselves.  

Is there something you are currently working on? 
I am working on something a bit different now.  I have set myself the challenge of writing a horror piece featuring zombies, no mean feat for me as I have an acute fear of the undead. 

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet? 
I would love to write a really grizzly steam punk piece but I just haven’t got around to it yet. 

When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? 
That is a hard one; I still don’t feel like the term author suits me.  I prefer to call myself a writer. 

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
Obviously, I enjoy reading about as a writer; the two go hand in hand.  I love gritty dark novels personally.  When I am not doing one of the two, I enjoy listening to music and singing or drawing and painting.  I like anything creative really. 

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? 

Interview: David Swykert

Why don't you tell us about your latest work?  
In The Pool Boy’s Beatitude, Jack Joseph understands dark matter and the desire to find the God particle. What Jack doesn’t understand is Jack. He has a Masters degree in particle physics, an ex-wife, a sugar mama, a passion for cooking and chronic dependencies he needs to feed. He cleans pools to maintain this chaotic lifestyle. Spinning about in a Large Hadron Collider of his own making, facing a jail term, the particle known as Jack is about to collide with a particle known as Sarah. 

What inspired it?  
They say write what you know. I worked in law enforcement, I’ve known a lot of under the radar kind of people. And I know about addiction, and treatment, and in spite of being in law enforcement I have done a little jail, similar to Jack in my story. I’ve never cleaned swimming pools for a living, but I had a house in the suburbs at one time with a nice pool. So I know how to take care of one. And who doesn’t want to meet the love of your life, that one person that just stones you, as Sarah does to Jack Joseph in the story. 

Is there something you are currently working on?  
I’m about three-quarters of the way through a draft of a novel about an older woman who shoots a bounty hunter to protect an imaginary wolf she believes has returned from her youth to comfort her. It’s historical in setting, takes place in the 1940’s in Central Mine, Michigan, which was a ghost town when Maggie lived there and remains so to this day. 

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?   
Yes, a gun shy homicide detective who, even when he should, is reluctant to shoot a perpetrator. I sold a short story based on this character to Shooter Literary Magazine in the UK this winter, and it will be reprinted in Suspense Magazines upcoming summer issue. The success of “Gun Shy” as a short story has me thinking, in lieu of all the media notoriety about police shootings as of late, that perhaps this would be a good time to write a novel about a cop who hates shooting the bad guys.  
When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author?  
I’ve always felt I could call myself an author. But officially, perhaps when I got the advance for Alpha Wolves, which is still available on Amazon and through my own website page.

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
I like to do a little hiking up on the Keweenaw Peninsula, and just sit out and look up at the stars down at this little tree house my girlfriend and I share near Elk Lake in Kentucky. 

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you?