Sunday, 28 December 2014

Interview with Tara Dobbs

Today we've got another interview! 

Welcome Tara! Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
This first novel, in a series of four, is titled Soul's Little Lie. (Mind, the name 'Ynycornus' is pronounced 'unicornus' the Latin spelling for unicorn, the 'y' acts as a 'u', I know, cheesy kind of, but it works.
Here's the summary:
Vivian Warren is trying to make the best of her marriage even with a husband who ignores her when she needs him most. To calm her worries, she works meditative magic and prayers to give her strength. In the process of such a spell, she is confronted with an unexpected reality – her spirit guide comes knocking at her front door.
As friendly and helpful as her spirit guide is to her, she discovers a deep anguish in the man whom calls himself Ynycornus. To find the answers they both seek, Ynycornus takes Vivian on a road trip cross country to his home in Lowell, Massachusetts. Along the way, a past friend of Ynycornus' is out to get revenge. All the while, Detective Jacob Umari sees a missing person's report of Vivian, finding a connection between her and a mysterious man named David Geraci dealing with an old case file from decades past.
All parties involved are in for a wild ride when all comes to a head. Death knocking at the door of the Geraci Mansion. A haunting of old history and a young woman's faith still in herself to save both crippled souls into the next life. Even if it means she must die in the process, or has she already been dead this whole time?

What inspired it?
My real life problems of a broken down marriage and the psychosis of my mind trying to come to terms with an abusive husband.

Is there something you are currently working on? 
The second book in the series: Soul's Little Lie: Broken Roses. I'm currently on chapter 4. Been working on it since July 2014. I'd love to tell you some of what this story is about, but I'd rather save that for another day when I've gotten most of the first draft finished. Don't worry, the whole story has been well thought out if I ever have to tell about it on the fly.

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?
After these semi-serious pieces I'd want to write a romance comedy. From my research I've discovered it's much more difficult to write a comedy cause there is a formula to it that I haven't read in any fictions yet. Right now I'm sticking with fiction that deals with PTSD, psychosis, dreaming and the after life.

When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author?
When I signed the contact to get the first book published with Rebel Ink Press.

What made you decide to submit your writing to a publisher? Was it scary the first time?
I had believed throughout my research and from what people had always seemed to say - find an agent that can get you a publisher. I believed this completely. Then my friend Robert and I were talking about books that we liked and our favorite authors. He said, "I know an author. She's my friend on Facebook. Her name is Eden Glenn. I think you'd like her. She could help you if you just friend her and ask some questions." I was reluctant to do so. I thought it was silly to 'get connections' like this. I believed it was all done by agents. That I would have to pay money to an agent to get my work published. I waited for nearly two days before I got up the courage to friend her, to talk to her. When I did, it only took a few hours talk and she contacted the Editor in Chief of Rebel Ink Press to look forward to the book coming her way. Eden said, "Okay, it's your turn. Send it in and keep me informed." Sure enough, sent it in and it was at the top of the list for future publications. Now, here I am! My writing career has started.
But get this...when I was still married at the time back in summer 2011, I went to Emerald Comic Con in Seattle, WA with a friend and my husband. I saw Rebel Ink Press' booth there. My husband said, "Why don't you get some info with them about how to get published?" I replied, "Nah. The first draft isn't done yet. I have to edit it first before I do anything." He added, "You could just get some info on their company at least." I commented, "It's not time yet. I'll look them up when the time is right."..... Little did I know that I would come across Rebel Ink Press in such a beautiful way through a friend a few years later.

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do?
Draw and paint concept art and illustrations for my novels. Drawing the characters gives me a more physical concept that I can hold onto. A way to get a better feel for the presence of their fears, pains, joys and loves. I do costume design and set design for the scenes in case I need extra help with the story. I have pages of drawings of floor plans and characters. Never underestimate photographs to help figure out what a scene kind of looks like to help you along in the writing process. Visual aids are a must for me. I also enjoy taking walks around town when I need to take a break from writing. It helps reform the chapters I'm working on. I also listen to music quite heavily that also helps with my writing to get that special feeling of the scene.

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you?
Author Facebook page Author Site Twitter

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