Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Other Half by Sarah Rayner

"There were three men opposite her, all hard at it."
Alright, this is going to be quick... I will add right away that I loved the first sentence! Now, into it: 

First I want to say I did not enjoy this book! I know that I'm a picky reader but honestly…. I just couldn’t understand how this got so many good reviews.
First, I didn't like the way it was written. There were no italics for train of thought!
But putting that aside, because I can put up with formatting that annoys me if something is good, this started off slow and never really picked up. I didn't always feel like the story every took off. I understand that the main conflict was the affair between Chole and James (Jamie) but I didn’t really feel like there was much else (that was constant)  in terms of plot.
Now, let's talk characters… We have three main characters. Chole (the mistress) James (the hero) and Maggie (The wife). We also have a few friends and the child Nathan.
Personally I would have liked to see more from Nathan.
When it comes to Chole- I hated her. I did not sympathize with her what so ever, I thought she was mean, bratty, childish, judgmental, and honestly I finished a lot of chapters from her point of view going "God, she's such a bitch." I also didn’t want her to succeed and wasn't happy when she did. It felt like her success was handed to her for no real reason.
James… the love interest. Urg. He was worse than Chole. His lack of respect for his wife, his meanness, his childish personality and he's just…. A dick. I found myself thinking about what a bad husband he was through the entire book. There is actually a part in the book where he tells his wife she isn't supposed to talk to her friends.

Now, the wife Maggie. You know, she's the only main character I kind of liked. I felt like Maggie was a nice character, she wasn't a dreadful person and I actually rooted for her. I was happy to see her start standing up for herself and, unlike Chole, I was happy to see her succeeding. 

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