Friday, 20 February 2015

Gwynneth Ever After by Linda Poitevin

4 out of 5 stars

Gwyn Jacobs stuffed sketchpad and charcoal into her shoulder bag, and then, satisfied she had everything she needed, turned t her baby sitter

Alright! Again, this was something that I wouldn't normally gravitate towards or pick up and go "Yes, I should read this."
I picked it because my mum actually recommended it and I happen to know the author personally!
This story fallows Gwynneth (With two "n"s) as she meets Gareth; a sexy, Irish(?) movie star who is staying with his cousin in the winter… in Canada's capital, Ottawa.

This was a very fun read that I actually finished on a Bus ride to Manitoba. It was light and easy to keep reading. There were kids, and anyone who reads my blog knows I love seeing kids in romance novels! The kids really helped bring the couple together and this book gets added points for being set in a place that I used to live!
In a sense this was a millionaire romance; after all Gareth is a movie star and money does not seem to be an issue for him. But this is also a family story. Gareth doesn't go out of his way to spend on this kids (or Gwynneth) instead the couple focuses on bounding with the kids over chicken pocks, sick days and bedtime stories.
Now, the main conflict is… well I wont spoil it for anyone who wants to read it but it is a silly and could have easily been dealt with via a little communication. So if you're going to read this make sure you can overlook it! Otherwise you probably wont enjoy it.

So yes, I just wasn't feeling the main conflict and but  I really did enjoy this book. It was one of those romances where the heroine spent most of her time trying to deny the hero (because she was worried about how it would affect the kids) and because of that there was so great sexual tension! It was sweet and light. Defiantly something I would suggest for someone who wants a light read.

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