Thursday, 5 February 2015

Author Interview: Ginny Lynn Sizemore

This blog is mostly about book reviews, but as a writer I am always happy to help other authors promote themselves, and as a reader I know how fun it can be to read author interviews so today... is the first day we will be hosting an author interview! Exciting, right? 
Today we have Ginny Lynn Sizemore here to talk about her first time being published, her experience and whether or not she could survive a zombie apocalypse!  

Welcome! Tell us about Learn To Let It Go? The main character Dawn falls in love while vacationing on the beach. when she gets home her relationship with and is not the dream she planned.
What inspired this story? To be honest other stories I've read.
What other stories influenced Learn To Let It Go? There's a series but I don't recall the name that mostly inspired them.
Now, I've heard this is your first work published, is that true? Tell us about the process? Yes Well I'd say I took a month or so writing Learn To Let Go. Then I submitted it to three publishers. The second one accepted it. I signed a contract with Rebel Ink Press. They contacted me about cover art. Then about editing. I had a friend help me edit. Now I'm waiting on the next step.
Is there something you are currently working on? Yes. It doesn't have a name yet, but it's a part of a series.
What is it about? A couple who neglects their friends for each other.  
Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet? Oh yes
If you spent less time writing, what hobby would you take up? Maybe a sport just for fun?
Where is your favorite place to shop? The mall. It's expensive, but I love the atmosphere.
Do you think you would survive a zombie attack? No lol. I just don't have very good survival skills lol.
Lastly, when does Learn To Let It Go come out and where can we get it? I haven't received that information yet exactly, but I think it will be early next year.
Thank you for stopping by! Is there anywhere the readers can fallow you is my promotion page. Thanks for taking the time to interview me 

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