Monday, 9 February 2015

Interview with Jen Winters

<B>Why don't you tell us about your latest work?</B>
Kissing Demons is a paranormal romance that reads like an Urban Fantasy.
Here’s the blurb:
<I>Guardian Geneva Archer might be more infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft. Worth, but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory, she finds herself face to face with her worst fear: save humanity or save her soulmate? After 800 years of guarding humanity from the things that make your hair stand on end in the dead of night, Geneva Archer is given a two-week vacation to work out her feelings of loneliness and refresh her spirit. With time on her hands, she goes to her favorite club: a place for supernaturals to gather without worrying about human interference. While there, she meets Alex, a compelling werewolf with a demonic side. But instead of blasting him back to hell like her instincts would normally tell her to do, Geneva falls head over heels. For Alex, Geneva is an answer to prayer. She can free him from the most notorious demon walking the earth—his father. Yuruch isn’t interested in his offspring’s life, just his body—the perfect body for a demon to inhabit. With Alex’s body and powers, Yuruch will become nearly invincible, able to wreak his hellish destruction on humanity from an impenetrable fortress. In order to get his hands on Alex, Yuruch kidnaps one of Geneva’s sisters, luring both her and Alex into an ambush. After the botched rescue mission, Alex is possessed by Yuruch, leaving Geneva with a dead sister, a destroyed city and no way to get her soulmate back without giving Yuruch everything he desires. Can Geneva figure out a way to defeat Yuruch and save Alex without sacrificing the very best of humanity in the process? Does she even want to?</i>

<B>What inspired it?</B>
I’ll tell you the tale of my woes…
My first husband left me with our 8 month old, stranded 800 miles from home. At least he had the decency to leave me with my parents. I honestly had zero marketable skills, but I was a decent writer, even been published an academic journal. I love paranormal romance and decided I could write one and maybe pull myself up out the gutter he’d left me in.

The Guardians came out of a choice to write a specific genre. I created my world through a lot of research and basic knowledge about ancient near eastern mythology. After three very rough drafts of Kissing Demons I finally, five years later, had a product I felt comfortable selling.

Is there something you are currently working on?
I am currently working on the second Guardian book, Falling Angels.

<B>Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?</b>I’m trying to get ready to write a story with my BFF. She recently told me that she wanted to write with me again, and I agreed we should. She is currently in the process of independently publishing using a small press publisher, but once she has that under control, we are going to put our pen to New Adult and try something different for the both of us.

<B>When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author?</B>
That moment when my book was finally up on Amazon for sale. I sold copies to friends and family immediately and worked my marketing so that fairly quickly I was selling to strangers too.

<B>Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do?</b>
I am an avid reader, and I enjoy marathoning Netflix series. I spend a lot of time with my kids, being a homeschool teacher-mom, and we go to the zoo on Fridays during the nice weather as our Friday field trip. I am working on a king-sized afghan, and I participate in my mother’s quilting obsession as a supportive daughter and pattern *expert*. I actively participate in Girl Scouts and plan to add Boy Scouts as soon as my son is in Kindergarten.

<B>Are there any websites where readers can connect with you?</b>
Well, I am everywhere so you can find me on Google,Wordpress, Twitter, Goodreads, Blogger , Amazon, Ebook Universe &Facebook

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