Friday, 30 October 2015

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Right, the third book in the Alex Craft series. Where to start?
Well, I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed by most of this book.

Alex seems to move pretty fast with her life, which I find interesting but not sure if I really find believable. In this one everyone seems to be having something happen to them. For Alex it's that she's be (unknowingly) taken off the call list for the local police after everything that went dwn in the last two books; the Winter Queen is also making her life hell, Falin (is that even how you spell his name? I honestly dislike him s much I don't care about looking it up) isn't talking to her (but she understands, it's the Queen Bitches fault) and Death hasn't been around since he told her he loved her.
Now, Alex get's a case that is going t shake up everything.

So, now that the background is down I'll jump right into it.
I will fully admit I've been reading this entire series for Death (kinda like how I read the Kitty Norevil for Cormac) and I was excited to see what happens with them in this book.
The first couple chapters of this book were good. tHey drew me in of course, like they should! And I was excited. I actually got really interested in the case they were working. PC didn't play a huge part of this book, but Rory sure had a few moments which was great!
I love that this authors sheads light on the world in every single one of these books and this book had a lot explained in it.
The middle half was honestly boring. I'm not even going to lie, but but right around the end is where it got interesting. I'd say the last 100 pages… Oh let me tell you, anyone shipping Alex and Death; you will be pleased because sme awesome sit happens.
I won't spoil all the details but I couldn't put the book down for quite a while! Then, it ends. And oh again; everyone shipping Alex and Death let me tell you- you will be thrilled.
Again I'm not going to spoil any details but when I finished the book I looked at my husband and said "Death's going t kill Falin. I can't fucking wait for Death to kill Falin."

So, yes I have a hate on for Falin- really who doesn't? Like really. In this book he's worse than the other two (except he has the benefit of not really being in it in this one) and even goes as far as to pull knives on Alex, whether he was justified or not.
Alex, as a main character I actually normally like her. She does some stupid shit but rarley does she do anything too stupid and I like tat in my main characters. I also really like the grave witch element she has to her. I'm not huge into the fae element but I am excited to see where it goes- although I have my ideas I won't spoil them! And lastly let's talk about Death, not that there is really anything to say- he's great!
As for all the side characters… well, I've always wondered if there were a few too many but I'm beginning to admit I'm getting attached to most of them. Of course the soul collectors are fun and we meet one person(?) in this book who actually interests me a lot. The mender as Alex calls him, he mends the soul collectors if they are hurt.
We also meet another character in this book- I won't gvie away too much about her, but I was digging her too and really look forward to seeing her around more (or even egtting her own series)

None the less, this book was a good read, despite it being boring at some points, I can't complain too much because of how it ended! And I will eagerly be waiting to read the next one!

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