Friday, 16 October 2015

Sift Happens by J.C. McKenzie

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Alright.... where to start on this one? I guess with the super exciting part for me, this is a Canadian author! Which I love, but even better they are from Sk! The book is set in Canada as well!

So, this wasn't actually given to me in turn for an honest review but I'm going to jump right in and give one anyways.!
First a little back ground. This story is about a shifter who has a special talent; she can sift into three forms, as she screws up a job, gets captured by a gang of werewolves working for a vampire. She gets forced to help this vampire out, all the while falling for the alpha wolf, having a creepy mutant-human wanting her as a plaything and overcoming some issues she faced the last time she was in a pack. That should be enough background... I think.
The plot was good actually. I was kinda surprised because when I read the blurb I thought it was going to suck! Hey, not all plots work for all readers, I get that. But I actually really enjoyed the world that J.C Mckenzie created. I loved the way she weaved in all the information about the world and the way she crafted shifters, werewolves and even the vampires.
I also loved the fact that it was set in Canada. Like really, that one of the best things about this book to me! In reality this book probably got at least half a star for being Canadian- I won't lie.

When it came to characters is where I had a few issues. Our main character was okay. I didn't have anything against her and I was rooting for her to win... but I can't say I was attached to her. There was one character, Allen, I was really rooting for actually.
I wasn't sure if the author made him a likable bad guy, or if it was just me but honestly wanted to see his relationship (a nonsexual one!) with out main character grow. Like I want to read an entire book about them, screw the love interest.
Annnd yea, the love interest... what can I say about him? He was honestly... okay... yea. I know "okay" isn't how you want a love interest to be described but that's what he was to me. I think my issue is that he kinda fell flat. I didn't really see any development in him.
The rest of the characters did what they were supposed I guess. They were mostly background characters and the one thing I didn't like about this story is that it was about a pack of werewolves and come the middle to almost the end of it the rest of the pack really wasn't there. I understand this was a romance at its core but it felt like they vanished.

When it comes to the writing I actually think the author did a wonderful job. She managed to add lots of humor, and made this a fast paced book. That's what I look for in a book.
I will be buying the series for sure and reading the rest of it! Overall this was the perfect book to read in a weekend, and quite frankly I couldn't put it down when I picked it up.

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