Friday, 9 October 2015

Princess Guide to Life By Rosie Blythe

When the author contacted me about reviewing a book that was aimed at helping the modern day woman live like a true princess! 
I don't normally review self help books on the blog; but truth be told I am a huge self help junkie! I'm not sure what it is about the genre but I just really, really love it- so when someone contacted me about reviewing their "life improvement" book aimed at the ladies- how could I say no to that?!

So, this book covers everything, from clothing to work, friends and social media to everything in between.
So, the thing I did like about this book was the idea; I love booked aimed at women, for some reason I'm not really sure why. Does anyone know; do they actually do well?
I sort of enjoyed the actual content. I tended to agree with the author on a lot of wat she was saying, but there was something about it… something that was just lacking. I couldn't pin point it but I think it was just that the author talked a little bit too much. I was hoping for a "quick and dirty tips" style of book, like I always do when reading these kinds of books; and at some points I felt myself growing board.
The thing I did like about this book was there was a lot I agreed with in the book; which was nice to read overall!

I didn't pick up many tips from this ], but I did think it was a great book for people who haven't read lots of these kinds of books (You know, the ones that mix beauty, fasion, work, boys, and everything women "care" about) and it was lacking in a couple areas. I would have loved to see DIYs, but the author 

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