Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Interview Donna Steele

Today, we have another author interview! I'm so excited to welcome Donna Steele to the blog today so lets get right into it!
Why don't you tell us about your latest work? The Melting, Book 3 Cohesion will be released on February 10. This is, obviously, the 3rd book in The Melting Trilogy. The damage is done and the glaciers have melted, thawing out a virus that has consumed most of the population of the planet. The first winter following the fall of civilization has passed and there are survivors. Now is the time for them to come together to rebuild community, explore the changes and see what the future might hold for them.
What inspired it? Saving the planet is a theme that runs through a lot of my stories. Regardle
ss of what has caused the melting or the pollution or the instability of the ground, we need to work to “fix” it because it’s the only planet we’ve got. That can give you a lot of inspiration and science fiction is a good way to explore it. Watching people in that kind of adversity can really show their strength.
Is there something you are currently working on? My current WIP is the story of aliens coming to Earth to try to save our planet after destroying their own. No invasion, just a weaving into our society to ensure that their heritage is not forgotten and to help us learn from their mistakes. Of course they get involved with their perfect mates here.
Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet? Actually I want to try a time travel book. I’m always heard that it could be a disaster to change the future but what if it wasn’t? What if events could be changed when an unwitting couple are flung back that aren’t disastrous? It’s an idea . . .
When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? When I won my first Spooky Award in X-Files fanfic. Of course it helped to be published, but that’s when I realized people liked what I was writing.
What made you decide to submit your writing to a publisher? Was it scary the first time? A good friend and fellow author, Char Chaffin, dragged me kicking and screaming into submitting. She said I had to expand what I was doing and do it for “real”. And OMG was it scary! Hitting send on that first email was one of the most terrifying things I’d ever done. But I did it and survived the rejections and kept going.
Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? Well of course reading – I always have three books going – reading one, listening to one on the commute to work and writing one. Keeps the brain hopping! Also I love counted cross stitch – takes little brain power, I can count to ten and keeps me from snacking while I’m watching TV.
Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? Oh yes, I’d love to hear from everyone. My webpage is www.steelestories.com. I’m also on Twitter – steele_donna, Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DonnaSteeleAuthor and Goodreads and http://www.amazon.com/Donna-Steele/e/B007G8V5C6

Thank you so much for coming out! And everyone remember to check out The Melting when it comes out February 10th!


  1. Thanks for having me here today!

  2. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and I'm looking forward to the third. The cover is great - they all fit together well. I remember the first time I hit 'send' to submit a book. I sat and cried. It is easier now.

  3. Thanks, I'm very pleased that the covers are so "cohesive". It's a little easier to hit send, but that thrill is still there! Thanks again!