Friday, 16 January 2015

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

It was a breeze, a change in the texture of the unseen that made her look up and walk around a stand of shading beech trees. 
This stated off so slow and there we a lot of things I didn't like about this book. I actually thought several times that I wasn't going to be able to make it through this book. But I REALLY liked the idea of it. It felt slow and sentences like: "The annual Ludlow antiques auction to raise money for the poor" rubbed me the wrong way

Tim annoyed me and there are a few character traits from the main character I HATE reading about. Like the "I'm not that pretty" personality. The big thing for me is that I have my own self esteem issues, I don't want to read about a character who has them. Also as a reader I want my main characters to FEEL beautiful.
But! By chapter 3 things started picking up and the action started. I loved being able to read about all the other women who had the dress. And I'll admit I had a hard time putting this book down at some points

There is a bit of a misunderstanding with "another woman" that just feels like it is so over done, then the characters went on to put the "other woman" down. It felt really of them low to me.

And then there was the part where they needed to open a trunk that hand been welded shut… and they considered using a drill. I'm not as handy as I would like but I can change my oil and normally fix thing something if I need to and I felt like a character not being able to use a drill was unbelievable. I mean I can understand if someone hasn't used them but after a quick look at them it's obvious. And then using a hammer to  hit the welded metal and what? Hope it magically breaks the welds? I've welded twice in my life (once when I was like 8) and even my welds would be strong enough to withstand a hammer
Another thing that really annoyed me about this was that she "feels" like she met her long lost father at one point but there is NOTHING to suggest it. Just a feeling she gets and, while I understand getting odd feelings and everything, I really didn't… it just didn't feel real. It felt like the author just wanted someone to happen and tossed it in there and left it to "feeling"

I loved Emily and hearing the stories about the other 3 women who wore the same dress and, as much as there were things I didn't like about this book I finished it in less than a day. It kept me reading and wanting to read more- Dare I say I even enjoyed it? I think so. 

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