Friday, 30 January 2015

Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez

5 out of 5 stars

Margle the Horrendous had a habit of collecting things.

Okay, so I lost half my notes on this book which sucks cause it's pretty much full of all the reasons you should read this book!
But I'll tell you all the reasons I can remember:
First and foremost, this is by A. Lee. Martinez, therefor you should read it! I have never read a bad Martinez book and I have never met anyone who has read a bad Martinez book. I can go on for days about how much I love Martinez, and how his writing is amazing and how I wish I could write that well, but for now I'll just try to focus on the book review.

This book started off strong! It pulled me in right away and by chapter four I couldn't put it down for the life of me.
The entire book takes place in a castle, but I didn't feel like it lacked because it only took place in one location, in fact I loved the location.
In reality I feel like this book was just one big subplot/not really a major story. That being said I still loved it! I could not stop reading it and I loved every little  aspect of it. The story was great, the characters were fun and
Like that it is not written from any one characters point of view. We all realize that Nessy is the main character but we also get to see how other characters feel or what they think. I loved seeing how other characters felt, thought and what they saw.
I love the optimistic outlook at Nessy has throughout this book and I think Martinez did a great job with the mythology/rules of the world. In other words, he did a great job creating the universe.

The characters are so good! This book takes place in a wizards castle who loved to curse the opponents he defeated instead of killing them, things brings in many fun characters who have unique curses (Examples include: Bats, bodiless people, being cursed to speak fun, owls, etc.) and each character really has their own unique fun aspect about them. One of my favorites was The Monster Under The Bed, that begins to show signs of jealously when he thinks Nessy has been reading to another monster.  So cute!
Oh! And the nurgax! How could I have forgot him? He was another great character that makes this book worth reading for sure! 

As we get to the end of the book we get to see the characters work together, and we even get to see some special characters who I won't mention as not to spoil the book!
I loved seeing The Monster Under The Bed help save the day. Over all he played such a small role in most of the book but he was such a fun character that seeing him play a heroic role was thrilling!

I loved the way this book ended. Honestly the only thing that I could say is wrong with this book is that it ended! 

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book:
"I hope it’s a dragon. I love it when they kill dragons. Pretentious reptiles, think they're so special just 'cause they can breath fire and fly. Like that's so great. Is it a dragon?"

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