Monday, 11 May 2015

Interview: Sandra Lopez

Today I am so pleased to welcome author Sandra Lopez to the blog! I just finished reading her book and will be posting the review this Friday so be sure to check it out- you never know, it might be your next great read! 

Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
A: Beyond the Gardens is a story of a young Latina venturing out on her own for the first time. She’s always wanted to go to college and now she’s getting the opportunity to find out what she’s made of, what she can accomplish, and what’s she’s been missing out on. Ever since she grew up in the small barrio of Hawaiian Gardens, she’s always wondered what was beyond the life she’s known. Is it love, life, a future? 

What inspired it? 
A: Story was inspired by my own college experience and it’s one that I’ve always wanted to share with today’s youth.  

Is there something you are currently working on? 
A: I just finished a draft for a collection of short stories. We’ll see if any of them get turned into a novel.  

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?  
A: Not that I know of, but, hey, we’re still early in the year.  

When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? 
A: I feel like I’ve always been a writer. I feel like it’s been there growing up, relishing in every book I could get my hands on. When I wrote essays in school, the story-teller in me naturally came out. I considered myself an author when my first novel was accepted for publication WHILE I was still in college.  

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
A: Reading, of course! I also like to draw, listen to music, and travel as much as I can.  

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? 
A: Yes, you can reach out to me in any of the following ways: 

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