Saturday, 9 May 2015

Summoning The Night by Jenn Bennett

5 out of 5 stars

For anyone who remembers my review of Kindling The Moon you will know that I loved it. I remember I had a bit of a hard time getting into the story and I saw this again in Summoning The Night- but I pushed through it.
By chapter 5 I was pretty close to being invested in it but I did feel like the first 50 pages had been drawn out- like filler- even though I found myself smiling at some points I did feel like the book was started too early.

None the less I loved his book just as much as I loved Kindling The Moon. The characters are amazing, and as any of my readers know I love seeing kids in romance novels, and it was quite a light read when I finally got into it! This book took me a long time to actually get around to reading and quite frankly I'm beating myself up for not having read it until now!
There were a few slow moments but overall I loved the plot.
This book has the ability to just make me smile. I love Lon and Candy as lovers and think the fact that they are kinda like this odd little family is adorable. I love the idea of family in urban fantasy since it isn't seen that often- at least not front and center like it is here.
I was a huge fan of Lon in the first book, and that really didn't change in this book, if anything I just ended out getting more attached to him. And Candy is one of the few main characters I actually like a lot. She comes across as very real to me and I feel like in urban fantasy there is a very cookie cutter type of main female character- I don't feel like Candy fits into that mold. As far as character development goes, there wasn't much of that but I didn't feel like that was a major issue in the book.

This book not only expands on background of the characters but also on the world, and I really liked seeing that. I find the world interesting and I can't wait to get the next one!

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  1. I absolutely agree and I can't wait for Jenn Bennett's new book, 'Night Owls' to be released this year!