Friday, 29 May 2015

Off Book by Jessica Dall

5 out of 5 stars
Off book tells the story of Eloise, a character waiting to get called into her own story. She's a good student, but the chances of her getting her own book are getting slimmer and slimmer so when she is offered a job at the Recording Office she takes it. At least that way she won't fade away. 

This was such an amazing book. It was pretty short but very moving. I think as a writer it was a very interesting read to think about how you treat your character- and even could be quite motivating for the right authors!
I want to say that the world was stunning, the author did an amazing job on creating it and explaining it!
When it came to characters I have to admit that I wasn't as drawn to  them as I would have liked. She felt a little depressing and two dimensional but I think for this story it wasn't as annoying as it could be- but the one thing I will say is that I hate depressing characters. But I actually didn't mind Eloise, and that says a lot about this book. I just wasn't as attached to her as I wanted to be. 
The characters were great though, the side chracters brought a great affect to the story and they offered information to the story. 

Finally, I'm sorry but I was totally shipping Own/Eloise and Barny/Alice. Own and Eloise are perfect for each other.

I'd love to see more from this series.

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