Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Interview: Cary Grossman‏

Why don't you tell us about your latest work? 
    My latest novel is called Honey. It's what people would refer to as a "steamy" love story about a 19-year-old young starlet named Honey Clarke, who gets involved with Benjamin Scream, a middle-aged rock star infamous for very explicit lyrics. Because of his reputation, Honey expects a very wild physical relationship with Scream, and is eager to experience that. And she hopes that by fulfilling anything Scream could possibly desire, she can hold on to him. 
   But Scream has had a good deal of heartbreak, and he's terrified by how important Honey becomes to him in such a short time. And so he sabotages the relationship even though he knows he loves her. 

What inspired it? 
    Just an overactive imagination for romance, I guess. 

Is there something you are currently working on? 
    Yes, a story of a novelist who begins to suspect that the young woman he's with may in fact be his high school sweetheart, a girl who was murdered many years before.  

Is there a topic you would like to write about but haven't gotten around to yet?  
    While my reading tastes vary, I like to write romance. Its a subject that never gets old, and judging from how many are written each year, I'm not alone in this opinion. 

When did you finally feel like you could call yourself an author? 
     When I published my first novel, Chopin's Ghost

Other than writing, what are your favorite things to do? 
    I like to play guitar and look at the planets through my telescope, but writing takes up most of my time nowadays. 

Are there any websites where readers can connect with you? 

    Not yet, but I'm sure that will change soon. In the meantime, anyone who wants to connect with me can reach me at carygrossman@aol.com 

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